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Camera Manual Exchange This is where I started. A yahoo club to talk to others and exhange manuals
Favorite Classics Lots of manuals, and links to other sites
Subminiature Cameras Minolta, Minox, Rollei
Medium Format Cameras by Robert Monaghan Best all around web site for collectors
Camera Instruction Manuals Online Leica,Minolta,Olympus...
Richard Urmonas' Manuals Agfa,Rollei,Voigtlander...
Canon Cameras Great site for Canon information
The Canon FD documentation project Canon FD Documentation
Fujica 35mm SLR Cameras Fujica page containing six manuals
BJ's Film Camera Book Archive Movie camera manuals
The very unofficial Chinon 35mm page Chinon, Ricoh, Sears etc...
Photography Blue Book Konica Manuals

Manufacturer Links

Minolta USA Cameras, Film Scanners, and Accessories Owner's Manual
Polaroid Customer Support Cameras, Printers, Scanners, etc... Manuals
Kodak Library Batteries,Cameras,Chemicals,Film, etc... Manuals
Olympus Document Downloads Cameras,Printers and scanners Manuals
Pentax Document Downloads Pentax Manuals